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Summer Kite Repair Savings You can ship us your damaged kite to get it fixed.

May 3rd 2015 Swap Meet Buy, Sell, Trade Kiteboarding and other Used Equipment on May 3rd

November 15th 2014 Swap Meet Buy, Sell, Trade Kiteboarding and other Used Equipment on November 15th

April 26th 2014 Swap Meet Buy, Sell, Trade Kiteboarding and other Used Equipment April 26th

November 16th 2013 Swap Meet Buy, Sell, Trade Kiteboarding and other Used Equipment Nov. 16th

Air Padre Core Kites Demo Join the Air Padre team as Core shows off thier gear at the Core Kites Demo

Air Padre Kite Repair Services You can ship us your damaged kite to get it fixed.

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Water Sports Lessons, Rentals, and Gear on South Padre Island

Kiteboarding lessons, Rentals, and Sales on South Padre Island

Air Padre was first a kiteboarding school, which has grown to offer lessons, rentals, and equipment in a wide range of watersports including: kiteboarding, surfing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, and wakeboarding at our front located in South Padre Island, Texas. We have put together this site to help future kiteboarders and watersports enthusiasts get involved in a safe and efficient manner. When you take kiteboarding lessons with Air Padre, the boat-support coupled with radio helmets consistently gives our students the leading edge when it comes to thorough and productive learning. If you go with a school that does not offer boat-support, be prepared to spend some of the lesson time walking back upwind. Air Padre only uses IKO and PASA certified instructors who are professional and courteous. Contact us at 956-299-9463 to book lessons or ask our staff any questions. Otherwise, please navigate the web site and find out what we offer!

Learn About Kiteboarding

What is Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing?

Kiteboarding or kitesurfing, if you don't already know, is like snowboarding or skateboarding on water. When you ride a board while being pulled behind a boat it's called wakeboarding. Now, instead of having someone else drive the boat, imagine having that power in your own hands in the form of a steady wind-powered kite. No need for a $50,000 boat and $100 gas everyday - once you buy your kiteboarding gear the wind is free! Many people use the words kiteboarding, kite boarding, kitesurfing, and kite surfing interchangeably. We generally refer to kiteboarding as flat water riding and kitesurfing as wave riding. Learn more about what is kiteboarding?

About Air Padre

Learn About Air Padre Kiteboarding

The Air Padre business started in 2003 as a kiteboard instruction center, and has since grown to encompass a wide range of adventure watersports lessons, rentals, and equipment. Air Padre’s ongoing devotion to customer satisfaction and enthusiasm to educating students continues to strengthen the business foundation, and in turn has created a solid base of cheerful patrons we love to call our customers! Our team of certified instructors and professional staff is always delighted to answer your questions by phone, email, or in person. Contact us between our normal business hours of 9am - 5pm, 7 days/week to speak with a team member regarding your upcoming visit.

Learn What Air Padre Offers on South Padre Island

Kiteboarding and Watersports Lessons

Lessons: Kiteboarding and Watersports

Lessons are the safest and easiest way to get involved with the many water sports Air Padre offers. Whether you are interested in kiteboarding, surfing, stand up paddleboarding, wakeboarding, or kayaking we have the qualified instructors that will teach you the right way. Lessons will save you a lot of time, hardships, and money in the long run. Air Padre is devoted to teaching you in a safe and efficient manner, so you can get out on the water enjoying the sport you love. Choose from private or group lessons in a variety of Kiteboarding and Watersports Lessons different sports here on South Padre Island. Learn more about what we offer for watersports lessons.

Rent Watersports Equipment

Rentals: Kayaks, Boards, & Bikes

Watersports rentals are readily available for an array of sports here on South Padre. Take your pick from rental surfboards, skimboards, kayaks, kiteboards, SUPs, bikes and plenty more! So many great watersports are easily accessible here on the island due to the vast expanse of shallow water on the Laguna Madre on the west, and the entire Gulf of Mexico on the east shoreline. Rent watersports equipment by the day or week while here on vacation to take advantage of these resources and enjoy the sports you are experienced at. Rent Watersports Equipment Check out the rentals page to learn more about our watersports rentals.

Services Offered

Services: Kite Repair & Downwinders

Services offered by Air Padre extend from kite repair to photo/video services during your down-wind sessions. Our dedicated kite repair sewing room allows us to fix kites, bars, bladders, canopy, and anything else that you manage to break while riding here in SPI. Additionally, our fleet of boats will gladly assist you and your friends on guided downwinders along the bayside to enjoy the best of what our beloved kiteboarding area. Tack on a professional photographer or videographer to capture the best moments so you can review later! Services Offered Learn more and see what Air Padre can benefit you by way of services offered.

South Padre Island Information

Information: South Padre Island, Tx

South Padre Island, Texas is where Air Padre was originally founded and stands today. Located in south Texas, the island is situated on the Gulf of Mexico only 10 miles north of the Mexican boarder. Padre Island is the longest barrier island in the world, running parallel along the Texas mainland for hundreds of miles. The City of South Padre Island is only about 5 miles long and houses roughly 5000 permanent residents, but sees large influxes in population during heavy tourist season such as Spring Break and summer. Besides a beautiful sub-tropical place to live, South Padre Island Information SPI also boasts some of the best wind and kiteboarding conditions in the nation and world! Find out more about the interesting and magnificent South Padre Island.

South Padre Island Weather

Weather: South Padre Island

Weather in South Padre Island is sup-tropical with warm air and water year round. Sunny skies and steady breezes make for an enjoyable climate no matter what month of the year you are here for. Boasting one of the windiest places in the nation, South Padre sees average wind speeds of 18mph throughout the year. This makes for a wind-enthusiast prime getaway, as well as a perfect location for other water activities such as fishing, water skiing, sailing, and more. S. Padre rarely sees much rain or storms outside of hurricane season as it sits along the Texas Gulf Coast. South Padre Island Weather See our vast collection of graphs and charts for the current, forecasted, and historic weather in South Padre.

Air Padre Testimonials:

"I just recently left SPI after spending four days there to improve my kiteboarding skills. Believe me that when you fly 1,500 miles by yourself to do this, pay for airfare (not to mention the $80 each way for your DaKine Board Coffin), rental car and lodging, knowing that you only have four days in SPI, you are grateful that Air Padre has spent the extra money to make sure that they can provide as big a "window of opportunity" as possible to allow you to get out on the water and improve your board skills." -Bill

"Just got back from Kiteboarding Lessons in South Padre. Would recommend Air Padre Kiteboarding to anyone starting off or expanding there skills! 2nd set of lessons, (1st were at Hood river in Portland) The instructors are very patient but push you to step it up and get out there and do it! Thanks Air Padre!" -Amanda

"I had a great time in SPI. I took four or five lessons with Air Padre Kiteboarding and the lessons encompassed not only learning how to kite, but the safety aspects as well as technique. SPI is a great place to learn and Air Padre is a first-rate instruction center. Can't wait to start kiting on the ice and lake when it thaws here in NH." -Jeff M

"..just have to thank Air Padre Kiteboarding for the hospitality and great deal on the hammersurf board. Even when I wanted to exchange the board I originally tried, it was no problem. Thanks" -Mandy

"I just finished a week in SPI and had a great time working with the Air Padre Kiteboarding staff. What a great place to learn this sport." -CC

"I had a couple of GREAT lessons with Air Padre Kiteboarding. Absolutely first-rate instructors at undoubtedly one of the best places to learn kiteboarding in the country (the expanse of the Laguna Madre at SPI is awesome!). My instructor reinforced what I needed to do to get up and ride, and with some practice back home, it finally clicked! Walking upwind at a certain point doesn't seem to accomplish much, and when you're struggling with water starts or starting to ride, Air Padre's boat support is exactly what you need. The instructors also teach an excellent self-rescue technique (a must to know), and gives great tips on managing your own equipment (whatever brand it may be). I highly recommend lessons with Air Padre Kiteboarding - you owe it to yourself." -Scott

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