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Summer Kite Repair Savings You can ship us your damaged kite to get it fixed.

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Air Padre Kite Repair Services You can ship us your damaged kite to get it fixed.

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Kite Repairs, Canopy and Bladder Repairs

For an estimate take pictures which clearly show the areas needing repair and email them along with a typed description of all known issues to

Fill out the Kite Repair form and send in with your kite

Air Padre Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Kite Repair Form

To make things easier on our customers, we now offer an online kite repair form. Please click on the icon to the right to navigate to the kite repair form in order to fill out and send back to us with your broken kite. This way when your kite arrives at the shop, we will know exactly who it is from and what is the problem that needs to be taken care of. Please send any items that need to be repaired via UPS in a box to our mailing address along with the properly filled out repair form:

Ship Your Broken Kite (with attached repair form) To:

Attention: Kite Repair
Air Padre Kiteboarding
5709 A Padre Blvd.
South Padre Island, Texas 78597

Replacement Kite Bladders

Air Time Kite repair bladders

Need a new bladder or two? Email us with the length from the valve to the trailing edge, for struts/ ribs, or for the leading edge bladder, measure from the valve to wing tip (half the length of the kite, unless the valve isn't centered). Also include the year, brand, model and size of the kite. Also let us know if there is more then one valve, esp. for leading lead bladders.

The Bladder Doctor

We offer bladder repair services at our shop. We have been repairing bladders for years. There's usually 24 hour turn around, and the normal cost is $25-$40. If you think your bladder is too far gone to fix, you need to give us a chance to repair it. We can repair 95% of herniated or torn bladders so they will not leak. And there is NO bladder, that we have come across, that we can't repair to point where it will hold air long enough to save your South Padre Island sessions.

Kite and Harness Repairs

air padre kite canpoy, seam, and ripstop sewing machine

Air Padre sells kite repair kits such as kiteaid for do it yourself techniques. Otherwise, we offer in house kite and harness repairs. You break it we'll fix it. As long as you bring your kite in clean and dry, we can typically get it back to you repaired same day. We do charge a $20 fee to clean and dry your kite, because our sewing machines do not like sand or water, therefore clean and dry is very important. We currently have a Pfaff 138 sewing machine as well as a Singer 457 sewing machine that we use to repair harness webbing, canopies, struts, leading edges, and to make leaders, pig-tails, and more. We have a wide range of colors in rip-stop and dacron to match your kite color. There are two methods of repair. This first cheaper method is one color rip stop. And the second, more expensive method is matching rip stop tape to your kite canopy color scheme, so it is harder to tell where the rip was.

Canopy Tears

On basic canopy repairs, we use rip stop on both sides of the canopy prior to stitching to ensure strength. This doubling up of material prevents future tears. The repairs that we do are stronger than the kite was before the tear.

Leading Edge and Struts

On the leading edge and struts we use a multi-layer style of repair. On the interior, we use several layers of rip stop as well as on the exterior. Depending on where the area is and the stress that is going to be put upon that area while the kite is flying determines the amount of layers we use on the external or internal portion of the strut or leading edge. On kites with leading edge issues and tears, that were not originally reinforced along the leading edge; prior to closing, we do reinforce that area, to make sure that you will not have an issues in the future. On tears that occur at the strut and leading edge connection points, or in cases where the strut is completely detached from the kite, we are able to rebuild and reconstruct the affected areas.

Harness Repairs and Modifications

We can do harness repairs and modifications for you. It is a well known fact that harnesses and wetsuits often shrink. We can extend the velcro belt or the nylon webbing to make your favorite harness fit again. Another common problem is nylon webbing is/has torn away from the harness. We sew these repairs by hand as the harnesses are to thick to sew with our machines. If you want to do it yourself we will rent you the huge needle and pusher and provide you with premium wax coated, UV resistant thread. All for only $5.

"The kite repair Monte did on my 13m C4 Ozone is incredible!!! Just got it yesterday, pumped it up, and it looks great! Can't even tell where the repairs are. When you consider how badly shredded the kite was from the beating it got in the surf, you now would never know it. It looks brand new...and in my opinion well worth the money, since I had just had a new leading edge bladder put in it. My compliments to Air Padre...thanks!"

Thanks to all of you.
L. Lowman Dec. 2013"

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