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Surfing Lessons on South Padre Island

Learn how to Surf in the Gulf of Mexico - $59.00 per hour

South Padre Island Surf Conditions

If you find yourself waiting while your friends or family members are taking kiteboarding lessons, consider taking up some surfing lessons for a much cheaper rate of $59/ hour. Learning how to surf while in South Padre Island is a great idea if you are looking to learn a new water sport. Surfing takes less equipment and time to get up and riding, and you can try getting up on the surfboard within the first lesson. All you need is the desire to be stoked on a new sport!

Surfing Lesson Hourly Rates:

Book your Surf lesson now

Surf Conditions in South Padre Island

South Padre Island is home to the best surfing conditions in the Gulf of Mexico. The waves range from 2-8 feet, depending on the season. All times of the year are great for learning on the island. Summer is the time for extra warm water and mellow waves. Spring and fall months usually have warm water conditions and a little larger waves, and winter is a little bit chilly, but the largest waves generally. The water temperatures incredibly warm compared to most other places in the Unites States, and the waves for learning will rival any.

What you will need

Air Padre Kiteboarding provides all surfboards and accessories for the surf lessons. We use Soft Top surfboards for safety of all students. Our surf school is equipped with a 8'2", 9'0", and 10'0" soft top surfboards. They are great boards to learn how to surf on because of their large surface area, soft rails, and safe fins. This way if anyone gets knocked by the board, it will bounce right off of them. Surfboard leashes for every student so they don't get away from their board. Other than that, you may want to bring water or a snack, as well as sunscreen.

South Padre Island Surf

What is covered in a surf Lesson

The surfing lesson begins on the beach, learning common issues while learning in the sport of surfing. Terminology and right of way rules are discussed, as well as stretching to keep you injury and cramp free while out in the water. We learn the movements, balance, and technique of paddling and standing up on the surfboard on the beach first, this way when we get into the water, you know exactly what to do. Once in the water, we teach in shallow water, so you can stand at all times. Although, we do require that anyone taking lessons knows how to swim. The last step is getting you up and riding on that surfboard! After some practice riding the waves, you can find your balance and stand up on the surfboard. Feeling the wave push you through the water, while standing on a surfboard can be an exhilarating experience, so be ready to have some fun.

Call Today to book your Lesson! - (956) 299-9463

Call the Air Padre shop at (956) 299-9463 to schedule your surfing lesson.

Other Available Watersport Lessons we offer:

Group Kiteboarding Lesson

Group Kiteboarding Lessons

Starting at $279/ person

Take group kiteboard lessons to learn how to kiteboard safely - intro through advanced.

Private Kiteboarding Lesson

Private Kiteboarding Lessons

Starting at $108/ hour

Book private kiteboard lessons for one-on-one instruction with full boat support - intro through advanced.

Surfing Lesson

Surfing Lessons

Starting at $50/ person

Take surfing lessons to learn how to paddle, balance, standup, and surf on the best waves in the Gulf of Mexico

Flyboarding Lesson

Flyboarding Lessons

Starting at $99 Intro

Simply put Flyboarding is a personal water jet board

Kite Buggy Lesson

Kite Buggy Lessons

Starting at $175/ person

Take a Kite Buggy lesson to become proficient at kite flying and buggying on wide-open sand flats and then later on in the dunes of South Padre.

Kite Landboard Lesson

Kite Landboarding Lessons

Starting at $99/ person

Take a kite landboard lesson to become proficient at kite flying and land boarding in combination on wide-open sand flats.

SUP Lesson

Stand Up Paddleboarding Lessons

Starting at $50/ person

Schedule a SUP lesson to learn the basics of stand up paddle boarding in the Laguna Madre Bay.

Kitesurfing Lesson

Kitesurfing Lessons

Starting at $175/ hour

Take a kitesurfing lesson to advance in your wave riding, transitioning, and powered kite maneuvers in the ocean.

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