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Summer Kite Repair Savings You can ship us your damaged kite to get it fixed.

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November 15th 2014 Swap Meet Buy, Sell, Trade Kiteboarding and other Used Equipment on November 15th

April 26th 2014 Swap Meet Buy, Sell, Trade Kiteboarding and other Used Equipment April 26th

November 16th 2013 Swap Meet Buy, Sell, Trade Kiteboarding and other Used Equipment Nov. 16th

Air Padre Core Kites Demo Join the Air Padre team as Core shows off thier gear at the Core Kites Demo

Air Padre Kite Repair Services You can ship us your damaged kite to get it fixed.

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Summer Saving Kiteboarding Lessons

Save money on kite boarding lessons during summer months

Beach Kite boarding lesson
Group Intro Kiteboarding Lesson

This summer Air Padre has reduced the prices on its group kiteboarding lessons! The summer rates save you money on kiteboarding lessons whether you are just beginning with the sport or working on riding skills. For those looking to get into the sport, the intro lesson is a perfect way to begin. Normally priced at $279 for 3 hours, the intro lesson is now only $199 for the same three hour interval! That means you will get the same amount of instruction from our IKO and PASA certified professionals for a discounted price. If you already know how to fly kitesurfing kites and you need a water start lessons or more riding time to fine-tune your board skills, then look no further than the intermediate kiteboarding lesson. The intermediate riding lesson usually is priced at $379, has been dropped down to $299 for the summer! That means more riding time on the water for your dollar, allowing you to save money for additional lessons or free up some cash to buy kiteboarding equipment or the latest kiteboard package. Call the shop today at 956-299-9463 to ask us any questions or to make a reservation for your kite boarding lesson!

Introduction to Kiteboarding Lesson - $199

If you have never kiteboarded before in your life, then start here. The 3 hour intro kiteboarding lesson, priced at $199, is designed to teach you everything you need to know to get on the board and ride. The class begins with small trainer or inflatable kites designed to teach you how to properly maneuver and fly the kites. The lesson then moves into gear setup and kite safety. Once the student is confident with all safety systems, you learn to fly the larger kitesurfing kites in the water and begin to body surf with kite.

water start and Intermediate Riding lesson - $299

Already know how to fly kitesurfing kites? The 3 hour water start lesson or intermediate kiteboarding lesson, is now priced at $299, and is for those who can already control large inflatable kites. If you understand the safety involved and are looking to either get up on a kiteboard for the first time, or improve riding abilities to include key skills such as going both ways, riding upwind, transitioning and others, then this is the lesson for you. 3 hours of riding time with full boat support and radio helmets greatly increases productivity on each lesson.

Air Padre Lesson Photo Gallery

Boat Supported Kiteboarding Lessons Waterproof radio helmets on water start and riding lessons Wide open sand flats for teaching Radio communication at all times from chase boat


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Beginner Kiteboarding Packages

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Other Available Watersport Lessons we offer:

Group Kiteboarding Lesson

Group Kiteboarding Lessons

Starting at $279/ person

Take group kiteboard lessons to learn how to kiteboard safely - intro through advanced.

Private Kiteboarding Lesson

Private Kiteboarding Lessons

Starting at $108/ hour

Book private kiteboard lessons for one-on-one instruction with full boat support - intro through advanced.

Surfing Lesson

Surfing Lessons

Starting at $50/ person

Take surfing lessons to learn how to paddle, balance, standup, and surf on the best waves in the Gulf of Mexico

Flyboarding Lesson

Flyboarding Lessons

Starting at $99 Intro

Simply put Flyboarding is a personal water jet board

Kite Buggy Lesson

Kite Buggy Lessons

Starting at $175/ person

Take a Kite Buggy lesson to become proficient at kite flying and buggying on wide-open sand flats and then later on in the dunes of South Padre.

Kite Landboard Lesson

Kite Landboarding Lessons

Starting at $99/ person

Take a kite landboard lesson to become proficient at kite flying and land boarding in combination on wide-open sand flats.

SUP Lesson

Stand Up Paddleboarding Lessons

Starting at $50/ person

Schedule a SUP lesson to learn the basics of stand up paddle boarding in the Laguna Madre Bay.

Kitesurfing Lesson

Kitesurfing Lessons

Starting at $175/ hour

Take a kitesurfing lesson to advance in your wave riding, transitioning, and powered kite maneuvers in the ocean.

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