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Air Padre Kite Repair Services You can ship us your damaged kite to get it fixed.

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Save Money with Kiteboarding Camps

Over 30% Savings when you book a kiteboard camp

As we approach one of the best times of the year to learn how to kiteboard, Air Padre has set the schedule for the fall kiteboarding camps. October through December are some of the most consistent winds on South Padre Island, as well as the warmest air and water temperatures. Fall kiteboard camps are offered to provide students with the best rates on lessons and the most continuous time in the water. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced kiteboarding camps are 12 hours long, spread over a three day period, and all kitesurfing equipment is provided. Air Padre is the only water sports lesson center on the island which utilizes full boat support combined with radio helmets for every student! Call today at 956-299-WIND(9463) to ask questions or make your reservation!

Beginner Kite Boarding Camps

Beginner Kiteboarding Camps - $999

The beginner kiteboarding camp gives students the knowledge base and practice they need to become a proficient and safe kite boarder. The beginner's camp starts with the basics of kiteboarding including: equipment selection and gear set-up, safety releases, launching and landing, developing proficient kite control skills, and progresses to water starts, beginning to ride, going up wind and much more! The beginner's camp is also great for those who have taken a lesson already, and want to review the basics in addition to moving forward with their riding.

Intermediate Riding Kite Boarding Camps

Intermediate Riding Kiteboarding Camps - $1099

The intermediate kiteboarding camp is for kiteboarders who already know how to water start and are looking to maximize their time and progression on the water. Students will learn how to carve turns, load-and-pop, ride toe-side, smooth direction changes and more! If you have taken a few lessons prior, and are in need of more time on the water to hone your skills and become a stand out kiteboarder, then consider the intermediate riding camp.

Advanced Kite Boarding Camps

Advanced Riding Kitbeoarding Camps - $1099

The advanced kiteboarding camp is for intermediate kiteboarders who are looking to take their riding to the top level. Advanced camps covers: sent jumps, different board grabs, advanced kite control techniques, strapless, unhooking and more! If you are interested in getting top level riding time and instruction in a top notch location then 12 hours of the advanced camp is the way to go!

Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing Camp Schedule - Fall

Air Padre Kiteboard Camp Pictures

Radio Helmet Communication from Instructor to Every Student Full Boat Support on All Kiteboarding Camps Waterproof Radio Helmets for On-the-Go Instruction Wide Open Sand Flats and Rigging Area

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Complete List of Available Kiteboarding Camps

Beginner Kiteboarding Camp

Beginner Kiteboarding Camp

12 hours - $999/ person

Book a Beginner Camp to learn how to kiteboard safely from the start - kite setup through first rides.

Intermediate Kiteboarding Camp

Intermediate Kiteboarding Camp

12 hours - $1099/ person

Book an intermediate Camp to take your riding skills to the next level - carving, jumping, toeside riding, and more!

Advanced Kiteboarding Camp

Advanced Kiteboarding Camp

12 hours - $1099/ person

Book an Advanced Camp to learn more technical kite and board maneuvers - become a smooth and powerful rider.

Custom Kiteboarding Camp

Custom Kiteboarding Camp

12 hours - $1099/ person

Schedule a Custom Camp to pick your own camp dates and riding levels to suit your busy schedule.

Beginner Kiteboarding Packages

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