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Kite Landboarding on South Padre Island

South Padre's huge sand flats are the best place to kite landboard

Best Place to Kite Landboard in South PAdre Island Texas

March 1, 2010 - The Air Padre Kiteboarding Crew went Kite Landboarding on the wide expanse of sand flats on South Padre Island, Texas. The 'South Flats' are a perfect place to practice and hone your kiteboarding skills while kite landboarding year round (can also be called off road kite skateboarding, kite mountainboarding, kite dirt boarding). Air Padre Kiteboarding offers Kite Landboarding Lessons and Kite Landboard Rentals on South Padre Island, Texas. The South Flats are located just north of town, next to the South Padre Island Convention Center. The flats are a huge expanse of flat, smooth sand that makes it one of the best places in the world to kite landboard. Besides being a great kite landboarding location, it also doubles as a fantastic kiteboarding and kitesurfing spot. It works well in any west, north or east wind. Although, the south wind becomes a little shaded by the town. While we were out shredding the sand on four wheels, others were cruising in the butter flats of the Laguna Madre Bay. The South Flats make for one epic multifaceted kiteboarding location.

The purpose of the kite landboarding session was to gather some much needed pictures and photos of the sport here on South Padre. We want to show everyone what a great place it can be to kite land board. South Padre Island, Texas trumps all other locations for land boarding because it simply has the available conditions.

We were able snap a few photos of the kiteboarders as they flew past in all directions on the off road designed skateboards. We all took turns with a kite and land board while the Air Padre media team snapped away. The first kite of choice was a 3 meter HQ Hydra Trainer Kite. Although, the wind was a little too light for that small of a kite to get some of the bigger guys movin'. So we packed up the Hydra and set up an 11m Ozone C-4 2010 inflatable kite. The 2010 Ozone C4 Kite was a great choice and provided ample power on the land board. The kite flew fantastic both hooked in and unhooked all afternoon. For more information on the kites in the photos, see the links below to the Air Padre kitesurfing equipment store.

Kite Landboarding Pictures and Photos

Monte Cantu Kite Landboarding on the South Flats of Padre Island Getting Air While Kite Landboarding and Mountainboarding with a kite Kite Land boarding and off road skateboarding with a kitesurfing kite Air Padre Kite Landboarding Lessons and Rentals on South Padre Island, Texas

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