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Top 7 Kitesurfing Equipment Accessories

Fast, silent, powerful; kiteboarding in its purest form shoots a potent cocktail of adrenaline laced emotional stoke directly to the brain. Can there possibly be anything better? Can we take this to another level? Dare to dream people, but it does get better. Kite boarding will blow you away when you add these latest kitesurfing accessories to your next session.

Here are the top seven quiver additions and modifications that will make your kiteboarding experience better than ever:

1. Miniature Waterproof Digital Cameras

GoPro HD Digital Camera

The only thing better than a great session is watching the highlight real from your couch. GoPro has created several affordable miniature waterproof digital cameras ranging from $99 - $269. The camera shoots photo and video, for the entire time you are on the water, with presets to tell it how often to record (every 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, or video). There is also now a assortment of camera mounts for these cool miniature cameras. Attach them to your board, helmet, kite, lines and more to get all the unique views!

2. Electric Kite Pumps

Bravo Electric Kite Pump

Electric kite pumps are possibly the most appreciated accessory currently available on the market. The electric kite pumps make setting up your kite easier than every before. Now you don't have to break out in sweat or exhaustion from hand pumping your kite on the beach before every session. Simply set the desired pressure, flip the switch, and let the electric kite pump do all the hard work while you stay warm and relaxed in the car. Bravo Kite Pumps create two different electric pumps, starting at $229.95 and the higher end model costs $279.00.

3. Clothing to Keep you Warm

Neoprene Playa Jacket

Keeping warm while kitesurfing, surfing, kiting, windsurfing, kayaking, fishing, diving, swimming or any other water sport is vitally important. The following wetsuits and wind blockers are a great way to retain your body heat the best when you are out in the elements. At the shop and on our kite lessons, the Air Padre instructors prefer to sport the oversized and warm HyperFlex Playa Jacket. It features a hollow fiber lining and skin exterior. It holds virtually no water at all, so it is windproof and waterproof against the elements.

4. Sun Protection Clothing

Kiteboarding Sunglasses

When you are out in the sun all day, it can take a toll on your body. Take a look at these sun shields including sunscreen, surf shirts, sunglasses and more. We would like to highlight the Kurtis surf sunglasses. The sun in South Padre can be intense, and so most of the riders will opt for the Kurtis Surf Goggles whose motto is, "No Fried Eyes". They are incredibly light, will bend in half without breaking, and allow for air flow to reduce fog.

5. Waterproof Music

Aquapac Waterproof Cases

If simply kitesurfing is not enough thrills, then maybe it's time to add some tunes to your next session. Aquapac engineers 100% waterproof cases for ipods, MP3s, phones, with headphone jacks, arm bands, and a clear panel. Easy to use and wear, the Aquapac waterproof MP3 case with head phone jacks make your next down winder even more enjoyable!

6. Session Reports

Shadow Box

Think you ride hard and go big? Then prove it with on-board intel. The ShadowBox records jump heights, riding speed, G-force, spin rate, distance, and more within a waterproof 3D sports recorder. It also shows you a complete visualization of your moves on the computer screen.

7. Waterproof Storage Devices

NRS Dri-Stow Dry Bag

Although you want to get wet when you kiteboard, you may not necessarily want you valuables on shore to get soaked. Take a look at the latest waterproof storage bags on the market to ensure you wallet, phone, clothes and others stay dry. NRS has been making quality waterproof dry bags for years, and this is one kiteboarding accessory that we all take to the beach with us. Dri-Stows come in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

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