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Air Padre Kite Repair Services You can ship us your damaged kite to get it fixed.

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August 2012


Slingshot 2013 Now Available

CLOSEOUT Slingshot Gear Now Available!


2010 8m Slingshot RPM Package
This kite package includes the 8m 2010 Slingshot RPM, Slingshot Crisis Twin Tip, Slingshot Compstick bar and a Dakine Chamelon waist harness. with this complete set up you will be ready to hit the water with some great style and with a little extra change in your wallet.



2012 Closeout Slingshot Rally
Kite The 2012 Slingshot Rally is the top choice for crossover freestyle and surf minded riders! Proven Delta features such as low end power, responsive pivotal turning, endless lofty hang time, effortless relaunch and unbelievable range are matched with C kite predictable power and uncompromised stability. The 3 strut design of the Open Delta C harnesses and delivers smooth efficient power through the stroke and offers a light weight balanced build for maximum flight stability.

NEW 2013 Slingshot Gear Now Available!

2013 Slingshot Kites


2013 Slingshot Fuel Classic C Shape Kite
Y ear after year, the Fuel is the expert rider’s choice for aggressive freestyle and progressive wake. This year’s lineup delivers extraordinary power, rock solid stability and incredible mega looping. This powerhouse carries over the standout features of its predecessor: bomber Slingshot construction, Splitstrut integrated strut design, patented One Pump inflation and Custom Fuel Injection.


2013 Slingshot Rally Kite
A kite in a class of its own, the 2013 Rally delivers maximum range, instant de-power, effortless relaunch and precise handling. Our integrated Splitstrut technology produces a rock solid canopy. The kite also comes with our patented One Pump technology and our improved Surf Tough Construction with improved trailing edge durability.


The 2013 COMPSTICK Control bar has a new ergonomic trim line center hole, softer EVA diamond bar grip, fresh new two-tone graphics and the safe and proven Center of the Universe Safety System with below the bar trim. The clean and uncluttered fourline configuration is easy and speedy to rig. With features like the Surefire Spinner swivel, Push Away Center Safety System, Auto Indexing Chicken loop and Active Stopper Ball it’s the preferred choice for riders constantly pushing the limits!

2013 Slingshot Twin Tips


2013 Slingshot Misfit Kiteboard Stacked with innovative features, the 2013 Misfit delivers controlled progressive flex and top-level performance better than ever. Riding smoothly through chop without kicking up spray in your face, the Misfit’s proven, user-friendly outline offers exceptional upwind drive, killer load-and-pop capability, a short effective edge for lightning-quick hookup, and ultimate edge control in the harshest of conditions. Handbuilt in our U.S.A. factory, the Misfit features the highest-quality and greenest materials available.


2013 Slingshot Asylum Kiteboard Reborn to launch a new era in kiteboarding, the Asylum was crafted to become theperfect tool for the current evolution of freestyle riding. This completely new design is loaded with innovative features to make the Asylum one of the most well-rounded and versatile boards in the market. Our unique blend of channels combined with a new rocket profile allows any riding-style to excel on this board. The 3-D molded wood core delivers aggressive pop and outstanding flex plus unmatched durability.


Slingshot Joint Binding Foot System features include half cab padded collar outline, dual stage neoprene straps, deluxe dual density foam and innovative Bolt-On mounting system that make this the choice for riders looking for most out of there binding system. Look no further; The 2013 Joint is the next revolution in board to binding connection performance and trend setting style!

2013 Slingshot Surfboards


The 2013 Slingshot Tyrant Kite Surfboard is a true high performance short board that does it all. It has a deep single to double concave and a “pulled in” squash tail that makes the Tyrant sharp and more forgiving in all surf and wind conditions. For this years model Slingshot introduced a new insert layout for easier strap installation and our industry compatible high impact fin system that provides extra protection and lets you put more power in your wave riding. Ask anyone who’s been on the Tyrant, it’s the perfect balance of incredible high performance and long lasting durability.


The 2013 Slingshot Verve Kite Surfboard is a snappy and lively board for the broadest surf conditions. The board’s volume is ideal for heavier riders in light wind and excels for all riders in onshore conditions or clean surf. The Verve is constructed on an EPS structure, which assures the perfect stiffness and flex ratio and makes it incredibly durable. The tri fin configuration and classic outline gives the Verve a very stable and reliable feel. When all the other riders sit on the beach and wait for the wind to pick up, the Verve will get you up and running on the waves.


The 2013 Slingshot Dialer Kite Surfboard is our quad fin “Modern Fish” that’s been proven to be the best option for the everyday surf/wind conditions. It features a unique concave deck and sharp rails bringing the riders center of gravity lower to the water for a faster and more responsive turning. Its “Double Bump” swallow tail and Single to Double concave gives the Dailer a stable feel but still maintains all the characteristics of a high performance surfboard. It’s range makes the Dailer a great travel option when you want to have your bases covered in any conditions. From flat water fun to overhead surf on any size kite, the Dailer will get your stoke on..

Beginner Kiteboarding Packages

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