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2011 Wainman Hawaii Kite Surf Boards

New Board Collection by Wainman Hawaii

2011 Wainman Hawaii Kite and Surf Boards

Many have seen or heard about new board collection from Wainman Hawaii, either in person or while following reports from European Rabbit Gang tour. We also know that you have been waiting anxiously for them, so we are happy to inform you that new 2011 Wainman Hawaii boards are now available!

2011 Wainman Hawaii Blunt II

Continuing the huge success of the 1st Blunt edition, we are pleased to present improved 2011 Wainman Hawaii Blunt II with changed construction, new graphics and accessories. The new Blunt, produced in a new factory in Austria, is slightly heavier but now "totally" bomb proof. Still, this is the same great, skinny board; as dragless, as smooth, as edgy, and as sick for strapped free ride as the original Blunt was. No matter if it's flat, wave or choppy water - the Blunt will do the job! Blunts will be supplied with 5cm fins, new thermo foam pads and straps, grab handle, tool bag and of course board bag. New Blunts are available in 4 sizes: 125 x 39 cm; 130 x 40,5 cm; 135 x 41,5 cm; 137 x 43,5 cm.

2011 Wainman Hawaii JOKE

Though this wakestyle oriented revolutionary board is causing many pro-riders wanting to switch their sponsors, the 2011 Wainman Hawaii Joke is also great all-round board for intermediate riders. The most revolutionary board in Wainman Hawaii range and probably the most innovative on the market. At first look it gives you the thought of a wakestyle/new school board, and though our inspiration in designing this board was to make Niccolo's great riding even better, in the end we also had a perfect tool for advanced/intermediate amateurs who want to progress. Fast riding, insane pop, finless riding and the smoothest landing in the industry. These features together with pretty big rocker gives direct feel and top performance. Jokes will be supplied with shorter 4 cm fins, new thermo foam pads and straps, board bag, tool bag and is ready to be ridden with wake bindings. Jokes are available in 3 sizes: 134 x 40,5 cm; 138 x 41,5 cm; 142 x 42,5 cm.

2011 Wainman Hawaii SURFBOARDS

Wainman Hawaii is proud to present new series of 2011 Wainman Hawaii surfboards shaped by famous waterman from Hawaii - Sean Ordonez. The greatest shapes and highest technology are used for production of these waves toys. So good that Niccolo and Bertrand ride these production boards instead of their previous custom boards. But in fact, not only pros will feel the difference, but especially average riders will appreciate them. This time we are coming up with 3 models (8 sizes all together): Magnum - continuation of our classic last year surfboard model, Gambler - new style shape, which refers to last year WIDE series, and Passport - new shape, designed for strapless and paddle surfing.

We have no doubts the our actual selection of boards will cover demand of almost 100% riders. Everyone can find the most suited board for his or her need, and have as much fun as possible. We are sure that in the same way Rabbit kites are changing kite standards in the air, our boards will do the rest and change people's expectation to those pieces of equipment that usually stays in the water.

Wainman Hawaii Kiteboards and Surfboards


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