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Termalution Heated Undersuit

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Heated Undersuit


Designed to keep you toasty warm


Heated Undersuit Description

The Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit is the world’s first battery powered undersuit, designed to keep you toasty warm, even in the coldest conditions. Powered by two 7.4 volt Lithium Polymer batteries and worn under your wetsuit, drysuit, or even winter jacket, the Thermalution® will spoil you on a cold day. Whether you are in the water surfing, diving, kayaking, or kiteboarding or on dry land hunting, fishing, or snowboarding, this suit will change the way you feel about going out on a brisk winter day.

Thermalution® is by far the best heated wetsuit product available on the market! It has the smallest battery size of all heated wetsuit products, and with a weight of only 1.5lbs, it is worn virtually unoticed beneath your wetsuit or drysuit. Of all heated wetsuit products currently available, Thermalution® has the capacity to heat up in the shortest amount of time (under a minute), while been able to last for the longest duration (maximum 150 minutes per use). With three levels of adjustable heat,you can adjust the temperature of the thermal layer within your wetsuit, up to 75ft beneath the surface, giving you absolute control of the amount of warmth in your suit.

Thermalution® uses Far Infrared Ray technology, which doesn't just heat your skin like many other products. Thermalution® actually heats deep within your core, giving you improved blood circulation, enhanced cell and tissue regeneration, pain relief, and comfort to the entire body. You will be amazed at how much more comfortable you will feel after turning on the suit to even only the lowest of three settings. Once you have a session in a Thermalution, you won't ever want to venture out on a winter day without one!

Similar to any base layer clothing (like Under Armor®) Thermalution Undersuits can be worn beneath any wetsuit, dry suit, or jacket. It's most effective to wear directly on your skin.

Battery and Controller

Thermalution Heated Undersuits use two 7.4 volt Lithium Polymer batteries. Battery Size: 4x2x0.5 Inches.

These are the same type of batteries found in your mobile phone or mp3 player. There is no danger of radiation, electric shock or explosion from these batteries. Batteries are compact and lightweight and are positioned outside of the undersuit at the sides of the chest, under the arms. It offers maximum freedom of movement and it's easy to change batteries.

Thermalution micro controllers are easy to use. To turn on the undersuit push and hold button for 2 sec. On start up it displays a green light and starts temperature on low. Push once more to change to medium temperature with an orange light indication and once more to change to high with a red light indication. To turn the undersuit off simply push and hold button for 2 sec.


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