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2013 Wainman Hawaii 6.25m Gypsy Kite

2012 Wainman Hawaii 6.25m Gypsy 2012 Wainman Hawaii 6.25m Gypsy Right Side View 2012 Wainman Hawaii 6.25m Gypsy Bottom View 2012 Wainman Hawaii 6.25m Gypsy Left WingTip 2012 Wainman Hawaii 6.25m Gypsy Top View 2012 Wainman Hawaii 6.25m Gypsy Bag

6.25m Gypsy Kite

Waiman Hawaii

No matter who is flying`em, they always say: Nice shot, Gypsy


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Information about the 2013 Wainman Hawaii Gypsy Kite

Some guys are just classics. The Gypsy has been in The Gang since the day one. The trigger man.

Cause when the wind is firing, you ask yourself this question: Who am I taking on the job with me? When the situation is special, conditions are really hard, and there is only one open seat, the choice has to be wise. A good boss will say - "Get me the Gypsy". A good decision.

The 2013 Wainman Hawaii Gypsy is a 6,25 meter kite made to serve experienced riders in strong winds and rougher water conditions. It is also a very stable and intuitive kite with a great low-end range, which makes it a great choice for lighter riders in moderate winds.

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