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Core XR4 Kite

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Core Riot XR4 Kite

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Freeriding, Cruising, Light-wind, and Kiteloops

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Information about the Core Riot XR4Kitesurfing Kite

A few years ago CORE defined the cross-ride class, with the legendary Riot, which suits freeride, freestyle and wave kiters equally well. The XR4 has massive performance for unprecedented jumps with endless hangtime and is comfortable and easy to ride.




Optimised Aerodynamic and Intelligent-ARC

The intelligent ARC makes the Riot XR4 a true jumping machine. The inspiration behind the Intelligent ARC comes from nature: As a bird is able to glide without flapping its wings, for long durations of time, so to the Riot XR3 spreads its wings when the bar is pulled in. We call it Big-Air power on demand.

This principle allows for a more powerful down stroke which assists with early planing. It also reduces shear forces. Upwind ability is also made more efficient as a result.

Conversely the projected surface of the kite is reduced when depowered, like a flying bird. This adds to the agility of the kite when depowered and allows for precise turns. This characteristic makes the Riot XR4 ideal for riding in the waves.

Harmonious Power Delivery

Besides the performance increase, the CORE R & D team has improved the comfort even further. This is immediately noticeable with the bar.

The depower characteristics are heavily influenced by the Intelligent-ARC. The new Riot XR4 still has a linear response when the bar is pushed up; the power is reduced harmoniously and not abruptly. The bar pressure has been further minimized; while the, CORE typical, direct steering and feedback have been improved.


CORE begins with the new, surprisingly simple, "Speed Valveā€œ Speed-Pump-System. The direct connection of the pump hose to the bayonet Speed-Valve provides more than twice the cross section for maximum air intake and easy pumping. It allows you to be the first on the water.

The integrated stick serves to deflate the kite. It keeps the new membrane open during deflation.


With the innovative SENSOR-Bar CORE has already set new standards in safety, which exceeds the highest standards.

The Riot XR4 is optimally matched to the SENSOR 2-Bar, with pressure-less release on a virtual fifth line. The auto-relaunch is, CORE typical, simple and perfect.

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