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2012 Best Kiteboarding Taboo TS Kite - 30% OFF

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2012 Best Taboo TS

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The Taboo TS: Be untouchable.

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2012 Best Taboo TS Product Description

Every size of the 2012 Best Taboo TS kite is uniquely engineered for a specific set of riding conditions - allowing the TS range to cover all riders and riding styles. Every aspect of design, shaping, material selection and construction in the TS has been refined to bring each size even closer to perfection.

Any rider looking for a high wind kite that is stable and predictable needs look no further than the 4m and 5.5m TS kites. Unhooked wave riders will find that the medium size TS kites offer the perfect blend of tight and fast steering responsiveness, light bar pressure and unhooked control, allowing them to express their style like never before.

New-school riders searching for blistering performance will be blown away by the improvements in handling, power delivery and jumping from the mid-sized TS kites. Hooked or unhooked the 7m -14m TS kites deliver greater stability, precise feedback and more performance than ever before.

For course racing and light wind conditions, the 15m and 17m TS kites are the most aerodynamically refined kites we've ever made. Refined even further they have been trimmed back to deliver maximum light wind performance and racing advantage. Changes to the center strut design and bridle positioning make them even easier to relaunch in the lightest conditions.

With sizes ranging from 4m to17m there is a TS for every rider and every riding style.

Sizes: 8m

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