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2012 Best Nemesis HP V3 Kite - 20% OFF

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2012 Best Nemesis HP V3

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Nemesis HP V3: Surface to air missile

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Information about the 2012 Best Nemesis HP V3

The wait is finally over: the Best Nemesis HP is back. Back with all the unique design features and performance attributes that helped create its legendary reputation for performance and incredibly loyal customer following, and made it such a sought after 2nd hand buy.

The HP V3 design improves upon all previous incarnations. Advancements in canopy shaping and a revised bridle design have allowed us to enhance stability and unhooked performance while removing all canopy battens. New material choices and aerodynamic refinements mean that when you pull the trigger, the HP V3 will rip you off the water with explosive vertical lift and keep you airborne with a hang time sensation that is simply unique.

With our exclusive Cuben-equipped leading edge, the HP V3 delivers outstanding aerodynamic efficiency. A reduced diameter Cuben leading edge minimizes drag, giving increased lift and hang time, faster flying and greater upwind ability. Cuben fiber's unique Zero-stretch characteristics allow us to create a kite with a thinner and stiffer leading edge, providing a previously impossible mix of performance and stability.

With Twister Tech integrated into the HP V3, you can use more of the canopy to generate effective turning force. Twister Tech delivers faster turn initiation and tighter turning with reduced bar pressure, maximizing responsiveness and usability in low wind conditions and serving up insane freestyle potential when ridden overpowered.

The HP V3 benefits from our latest external EZ-Pump design, new-needle construction, kook-proof attachments, advanced material infusion, strut strings and hidden bridle patches. It's the most advanced HP we've made to date and it defies easy categorization.

Kite Specs

Equipment Included:

Nemesis HP V3 Product Features:

Twister Tech

Twister Tech:

Twister Tech brings C-kite turning response and handling characteristics to high our performance Cuben Nemesis HP. The unique twisting ability of a Twister Tech equipped leading edge allows you to use much more of the kite canopy to generate turning response, not just the wingtip sections.

Greater turning response equals faster and tighter turning, better boosting ability and freestyle performance like you never imagined.

Cuben Equipped

Cuben Equipped:

The Nemesis HP uses a unique zero-stretch, Cuben Fiber leading edge cloth. Our exclusive use of Cuben Fiber allows us to design a faster flying, more aerodynamic and stiffer kite than can be achieved with any standard material. This translates directly into unmatched upwind efficiency, huge depower and, of course, amazing boosting and hang-time ability.

Advanced Material Infusion

Advanced Material Infusion:

New high performance fiber coatings on both Dacron and Rip-stop materials maximize strength and increase handling responsiveness. With reduced material elongation under load, the Nemesis HP-V3 is the crispest handling and most responsive Nemesis we've ever designed.

EZ Pump


Our EZ-Pump system is the simplest, fastest and most reliable rapid inflation system on the market. Developed for the Taboo with all new molded parts and reduced component count, this is by far the best EZ-Pump tm system yet.

New Needle


As simple as it sounds, using a brand new needle every time you start to build a new leading edge isn't standard practice in the industry - but it's the best way to build the strongest kite possible and that's why we build the Nemesis HP this way.

Kook Proof Attachments


Some riders love them, some hate them - we let you make the choice whether to use them or not. Simply flip around the pigtails on the front lines of your Nemesis HP to convert it to kook-proof mode. The front flying lines of the Redline Performance Bar and bridle attachments of the HP-V3 are designed to work either way.

VP3 Bridle

VP3 Bridle:

A short leading edge bridle provides exceptional shape support and effective distribution of canopy loads across the entire kite. The HP-V3 will encourage you to push your limits as you find out what you and your kite are truly capable of achieving.

Strut Strings


Each strut bladder comes with a small drawstring that passes through a covered aperture in the head of the strut casing. It's a little detail, but it makes replacing a failed strut easier than ever.

3D Kevlar


Kevlar-reinforced airframe construction for maximum precision, durability and minimum weight. All leading edge and strut joints on your kite are laser cut, 3D shaped and Kevlar tape-reinforced. Sure it takes a little longer and costs a little more to build kites this way, but there is no better way to connect the leading edge to the struts.

Hidden Bridle Patch


By placing the LE attachment points on the inside of the kite rather than on the exposed outside of the leading edge, we've been able to reduce the potential for snagging seam edges and fraying the LE Dacron. For snow-kiting and All-terrain riding it is the obvious choice.

Flat Pack Barrel Seams


The new Flat Pack LE barrel seams contribute to the strongest LE construction we've ever made. Removing the overlap between segments has created a stronger and lighter LE construction with enhanced stiffness and torsion load handling for even greater responsiveness and durability.

Canopy Framing


Crashing your kite is a fact of life. That's why the perimeter of each canopy segment in every kite we make is supported with a unique reinforcement zone: isolating the canopy from impact and crash loads. CFT is a unique approach to the tasks of distributing shock loads across the canopy of your kite and you'll only find it on Best kites.

AB Custom Tune

AB-Custom tune:

Allows you to adjust the turning speed and bar pressure to your personal preference. Dial in back line tension for ultimate big air ability and steering responsiveness for maximum kite-looping pleasure.

Load Flex Seam


The tip-to-tip leading edge seam on all of our kites is triple stitched with a full length tape closure on the outside. Each overlap is backstitched to ensure exceptional durability and integrity. It's one of the reasons why Best kites have such a good reputation for durability.

Reinforced Trailing Edge


All of our kites benefit from our exclusive CFT reinforced trailing edge. Adding CFT to the leechline helps provide razor-sharp turning response and unmatched durability. CFT helps reduce the damage incurred by leaving kites flapping in the wind.

Kevlar Elbows


Reinforced, abrasion-resistant leading edge elbow patches provide greater resistance against handling and launch/land damage. All-terrain use and snow kiting has never looked so attractive.

Surf Tough


Surf Tough describes how we build in the absolute highest quality with every kite that we make. There are no shortcuts to great performance and lasting durability. We take pride in each and every kite that we make and that's why you will find Surf Tough features on every one of our inflatable kites.

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