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Wainman Hawaii Blunt II

 Wainman Hawaii Blunt II  Wainman Hawaii Blunt II  Wainman Hawaii Blunt II Bottom  Wainman Hawaii Blunt II Accessories  Wainman Hawaii Blunt II kiteboard Foot Pads and Straps  Wainman Hawaii Blunt II kiteboard Foot Pads and Straps

Wainman Blunt II

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1. What's physically new about Wainman Hawaii Blunt II

a. Available sizes:

New Blunts have slightly different sizing available comparing to what they had last year. There is no more 120 size, as it was not a popular size. Size 125 and 130 have now bigger brother of a TOTALLY New 135, which is their scale up, with the identical rocker-line and aspect ratio (proportions).

New 137 size is a new version of the old 135. To add even a bit more of the planning surface and distinct this different shape of board from its 3 smaller cousins we made/named it a 137. It is proportionally wider than the smaller Blunts and has less rocker. Those 2 different changed parameters, make this board a perfect LIGHTWIND machine or the all-round boards for really big guys.

b. Manufacturer

We changed the factory of the Blunts this year as the old facility due to its technology wasn't capable of delivering hi quality boards when it comes to their durability and long-lasting. With new factory we are starting from the safer end - with the much stronger and bit heavier board but will be gradually working on the improvements and try to deliver even a lighter board, same as last years.

c. Core and Lamination

The core in the new Blunt is redesigned. It consists more of the wood part in it and less foam. Foam in the freeride board's core is generally a good thing as it reduces the rebound of the board a lot and delivers lots of stability, however foam used in the whole surface of the board, with such a thin core as Blunt's brings too much of the breakage risk. Those risks were still acceptable when Blunt was a limited edition custom board, but when it entered the global mass market with big expectations when it comes to its long-lasting durability it needed to be changed and improved. The new core is still partly made of the foam (now it is high HD PU foam - high density polyurethane) but only on the toe and heel side, along the edge. In the center of the board, through its whole length and thickness there is a wooden core made of the Poplar.

Lamination in the new Blunt is also redesigned. Without revealing to many of the production secrets we can only say that board's lamination is still done using the epoxy resin and the highest quality European fiberglass layers but now in a new, redesigned proportions, which effects in the proper stiffness and flex pattern of the board with this new core and which as the combined effect provides super durability against any riding/landing damage!

d. Top sheets

New Blunts are made with a bit thicker and way more durable top sheet materials. Old Blunt's super-light weight was a result of using different materials, but they were not resistant enough against high heat or UV rays. With the changed top sheet material this now is not a problem and board will survive better a long exposure to the UV rays. It also gained a lot more of the anti-scratch resistance.

The bottom sheet is still, as last year, made in the hydrodynamic, matt finish, which results with better water flow performance. Top of the board is covered with the extra UV protection clear coat lack, which additionally protects the board and also gives a better look to it.

e. Sidewall

We also changed the sidewall in the New Blunts and now the edge is made of the stiffer ABS material. This will add extra durability to the board as there is way less chances now that the crack will start on the edge and follow to the center resulting in the breakage. This change might probably take away some of marketing effect of a soft flexi edge but it is a decision of the R&D Department that had to meet big durability expectations that the mass market demands from the new version of the Blunt.

Another good news is that this change didn't take away the round shaping of the rail itself, which most of cases takes place when using ABS by other brands. The rail is still rounded and the production department is constantly working on improving the esthetics of how they do it.

One change in rail shaping is that the tip now is not fully rounded, as it used to be. This is because the water flow is better when the water that is released from underneath the board meets the sharp edge of the tip.

f. Fins

Now Blunt is delivered with the new Claw fins, of 50mm size (1,97 inches) and that is the standard for all the New Blunt sizes. New shape of the fins, developed by WH R&D Department, makes them carry even less drag and have even better gripping ability with good, quick release while jumping.

For new fins we changed the diameter of the screws. Instead of the metric 6 thread now we introduced the 5mm thread that let us reduce the thickness of the fin. Please note this change when you are providing customers with the spare parts for Blunt boards!

g. Foot straps

For all new TT's this year we changed the foot straps as well. We still are making them in the ergonomic, reduced size shape that can well fit smaller feet and hold huge ones well, but now we improved the mounting system in them. Starting now we introduce the new plastic piece with the molded 3D shape that provides much easier mounting and better foot holding.

The new system includes one more interesting feature, that is the angle adjustment. Depending if your foot's arch is high or low you can adjust that by rotating the mounting elements on the pad before tightening them down. Updated pads have the special gripping surface that will maintain this chosen position, and the properly rotated mounting elements will custom fit rider's arch better and make riding in new straps more comfortable!

h. Graphics

In order to underline the Blunt's Spirit continuation we designed new graphics close to the old ones and based them on the triangles as well. However we decided to get rid of the weakness symbols in it as well - in the middle - imagine a huge fist shaped with Wainman Hawaii's logo that punched the old graphic with a huge force! Despite this huge impact the New Blunt is still in one piece, however the well organized triangles now are in the mess and if you look closer you can see the 3D in them and some terrains formed! Inside of the gap you can see new dimension that is uncovered by the punishing fist bringing new, very organized and well programmed order. Of course Matrix scheme is an old one however we thought that after that many years it is finally cool to use it. Those who used it right after movie's success were in our feeling maybe a bit cheesy and using it now is a bit like a real tribute to its "out of the box" idea, which we all really liked

2. What's physically same as before?

a. Shape

New Blunts have the same shape as their ancestors. The same outline, rocker-line (one exception is the above mentioned 137 rocker-line) and the same 3D shape of the whole board. This shape is the key of Blunt's character and we of course maintained it the way it originally was designed.

Continues single concave of the bottom improves the water flow through the board's bottom directing it from its whole surface towards the tip. As the result minimalized drag, upwind and smooth landing are still same features that the new board has.

Thin, chop cutting rails are as well the same, which provides superb edge holding and freeride comfort.

b. Stance

We kept the same stance options with the pre-angle positioned inserts to provide stance anatomically safe for knees and adjustment option for those with shorter/longer legs to adjust the width between feet.

c. Fin position

Fin position is still the same, matching Blunt's shape and resulting in no eye-spray, and nice skate feel of the board that releases the edge quickly when needed.

d. Full quiver of accessories

As usual, new Blunt comes with the padded board bag, tool bag, screwdriver and set of pads, straps, fins and all hardware.

3. How is New Blunt feeling wise?

Of course the best way to understand the board well is take it for a good test by yourself and have all your sales staff do the same. Below you will find our test rider's observations matching R&D's goals.


Those who rode old Blunts a lot when comparing them to new ones will feel that the new board is slightly softer. This is because this year we are introducing another TT, The Joke, which is a stiff all-round board targeted for more of the advanced or wake style riders. That enabled us to make new Blunt a bit less aggressive with this softer flex targeted more for a mellow freeriders rather than for the crazy boosters. Blunt is not anymore our only Twin tip and so this year it rides a bit differently.

With that softer flex the new Blunt is a bit more forgiving, softer in landings and handles gusts better. However, on the other hand, some riders might feel that it doesn't boost up that high as it used to or provide the wake style pop as before. However those differences are very small and for the average free rider they are unnoticeable. For such targeted customer new Blunt will be a way better, smoother and more forgiving board! For those who will really miss it we recommend to try The Joke board!


New construction of The Blunt is definitely more durable than last years. This won't be noticed by rider during the first session but after some time for sure it will be appreciated. What you can feel from the first touch is that new Blunts are slightly heavier. This is the result of introducing the new more durable construction. However we all want to take a good care of our gear but in the reality many customers don't focus enough on that and that is why we really improved the inside and outside durability of Blunts. More scratch/ding/damage resistance are new features that makes New Blunt a safe investment for free ride customers and this is how it should be explained for those who ask.


New Blunts cuts really nice through the chop and makes no eye spray just like its ancestor. This feature is definitely well appreciated by all freeriders that have enough of the salt water in their eyes already from some other boards that they had! ;)


New Blunts have very good upwind characteristic. As they are designed to be also good landing and chop cutting boards, they are not "course-racers" and so don't expect the miracles from them and winning with racing boards, when it comes to going upwind. However even slightly underpowered, in a gusty wind, you can be sure you will head upwind and be comfortable on the water because of that good skill.


Due to their shape, flex pattern and thin rails Blunts hold the edge really well. This famous feature of those boards is of course still present now and what more, it was even improved. With slightly changed flex characteristics now the board holds the overpowered moments and absorbs the vibrations at higher speeds even better.


Because of the shape of the bottom and its flex Blunt lands really soft and compensates the shock of the landings. It absorbs the energy of the landing rider really well and that's why it is a great board for the hooked-in jumps. However it lands really well the occasional unhooked jumps as well, of course, and all you need to do is to direct the board more in-line in order not to catch the sharp, thin rail.


To be a good freerider board needs to turn real nice. That for sure is the case with the Blunt. With the redesigned core and slightly improved flex the turning on New Blunts is even better. It holds the rail great throughout the whole turn and if you need to make a sudden switch and let go the rail you just have to unlock the edge. This really makes the Blunt a great all-in-one freeride board with which you can even ride real waves when your surfboard is not with you at the trip.


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