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2010 Ozone C4 Kite - 20% off

2010 Ozone C4 Kitesurfing kite in green and white 2010 Ozone C4 Kite in green and black 2010 Ozone C4 Canopy Fabric 2010 Ozone C4 Kiteboarding Kite View from Below 2010 Ozone C4 Kite in the sky 2010 Ozone C4 Kite in the sky

2010 Ozone C4 Kitesurfing Kite

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The Ozone C4 is so versatile. No question for free-stylers it rocks, great unhooked performance and nice pop.

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Information about the 2010 Ozone C4 Kiteurfing Kite

The 2010 C4, by Ozone Kiteboarding is the hardest kite to categorize because it really does do it all. It can be as hard core as you want but at the same time as forgiving as you might need.

In the beginning of the C4's development we wanted the positives that a C-shape brings but without the negatives. The result is the C4, a grin maker with more than enough de-power, super easy re-launch with sports car performance.

During the development process we discovered that the C4 is an amazing all around, in fact it is believed to have define a new direction in terms of design. The reason for this is because it is so versatile. No question for free-stylers it rocks, great unhooked performane and nice pop. In the waves its outstanding, the C-shape gives fast handling and the de-power gives you the chance to ride the wave without too much power coming from the kite unless you need it.

Then there is the usability of the C4, it is so easy to use that literally anyone can use it. We even gave it to total beginners to see what would happen, as it turned out they got on really well from first body drags to riding! The most amazing thing was that they water re-launched the kite every time without any problems!

This could be the first kite to be able to put a smile on anyone's face. We all love to ride it, our wives love to ride it, and the pro free stylers and wave riders are frothing over it.

So if you think the C4 is too hard core for you, you might be wrong! This is a kite that anyone can use and have an awesome session on no matter where you ride or your level.

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Ozone C4 Teaser from OZONE on Vimeo.

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