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Kiteboarding Group Lessons

Learn how kite board Today on South Padre Island, Texas!

Group Kiteboarding Lessons

Air Padre Kiteboarding group lessons are designed to create safe and independent riders. Group kiteboarding lessons are the most popular lesson structure - over private kiteboarding lessons - and are now available for any level of riding from beginner through advanced! The maximum size for a group lesson is 4 people, which ensures that you get the kite and instruction time that you need to become a knowledgeable and safe kiteboarder. We provide all the kiteboarding equipment, including: kites, boards, leashes, kite bars, harnesses, booties, impact vests, boats, and waterproof radio helmets.

Book now online

You can book group intro lessons for persons with zero experience and also private lessons through our online system. For other lessons types call us to book please

Group Intro Kiteboarding Class

Group Intro Kiteboarding Lesson

$279/ person - 3 hour course

Take the Intro Course to start from the very beginning - learn safety techniques, gear setup, kite control, H20 body dragging, and more.

Group Waterstart Class

Group Waterstart Kiteboarding Lesson

$379/ person - 3 hour course

Take the Waterstart Course to improve power-stroke technique, get first rides on the board, learn proper stance, and begin riding both ways.

Group Riding Class

Group Riding Kiteboarding Lesson

$379/ person - 3 hour course

Take the Riding Course to get better at going upwind, controlled stops, slide transitions, using the kite efficiently, and other general riding skills.

Group Advanced Riding Class

Group Advanced Kiteboarding Lesson

$379/ person - 3 hour course

Take the Advanced Course to develop more advanced kite flying and board riding skills - load and pop, carving transitions, toe-side riding, and beyond!

Useful Items to Bring to Your Kiteboarding Lesson:

Required Deposit and Lesson Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made at least 5 business days prior to lesson reservation date for a refund. For cancellations made within 5 business days of reservation, we will be happy to offer a rain check or apply deposit towards store credit. If lessons are canceled by Air Padre Kiteboarding because of weather, wind or other reasons - and not successfully rescheduled - deposit shall be refunded.


Group Intro Kiteboarding Lesson - $279.00/ person

Beginner Kiteboard Lesson on South Padre Island, Texas

Prerequisite: Desire to Kiteboard

If you know you want to kiteboard, then this is the class to start with. This kiteboarding course is all about learning how to control the inflatable kites. We have one simple goal with all our students - create safe and independent riders. We know you're excited to ride, however there is a lot to learn if you want to safely kiteboard on your own. Trust us, you want to learn this stuff. This introduction lesson is necessary to advance to the next lesson. Because the kites are very powerful, and have several safety systems, the intro class is integral to becoming a successful kiteboarder. Some people take this class twice to make sure their kite flying skills are sufficient before moving on to the waterstart lesson.

Included are the following:


Group Waterstart Kiteboarding Lesson - $379.00

Waterstart Kiteboard Lesson on South Padre Island, Texas

Prerequisite: Intro Class

This is the lesson that gives you the chance to' ride. Waterstart kiteboarding classes are designed to build on your kite skills covered in the intro, add in the kiteboard, and now we're working on getting your first rides. The beginning of the lesson usually involves some practice getting the board on your feet while flying the kite one-handed and maintaining proper position. Also covered is board-recovery techniques, upwind body dragging, and useful power strokes. When ready, you will be using the kite to generate power to stand up on the board for the first time! This class includes a dedicated chase boat with your instructor close behind to provide helpful instruction and proper techniques in your ear by means of waterproof radio helmets. Everyone learns at different rates, so some people take this class twice.

Included are the following:


Group Riding Kiteboarding Lesson - $379.00

Intermediate Riding Lesson on South Padre Island, Texas

Prerequisite: Up and Riding the Board

This is the lesson that gives much-needed riding time with full boat-support and constant instructor feedback. Many people choose to make the most of their time in South Padre's kiteboarding paradise by taking advantage of these lessons. After getting the water start, some of the next skills include staying upwind, transitions, riding toe-side, and of course jumping. You can move through these skills quickly when guided by an instructor, not to mention avoiding frustration and reducing the chance of injury. The boat is right there when you need a break and again when you finish so you don't have to battle upwind; no "walk of shame" for you.

Included are the following:


Group Advanced Kiteboarding Lesson - $379.00

Advanced Riding Lesson on South Padre Island, Texas

Prerequisite: Desire to Shred

Tired of mowing the lawn? Advanced group lessons will take your riding ability to the next level. If you are looking to learn new tricks, better transitions, load-and-pop, and other higher level kiteboarding maneuvers, then this lesson is for you. Impress all of your friends when you return back to your kite beach stomping all of the latest tricks. Full boat-support means you can ride for miles downwind, focusing on progression and not simply battling upwind. Additionally, waterproof radio helmets allow the instructor to provide you with on-the-spot tips and useful information the whole time. If you have reached a learning plateau, then give this lesson a try to break free and continue progressing forward to where you want to be.

Included are the following:

Other Available Watersport Lessons we offer:

Group Kiteboarding Lesson

Group Kiteboarding Lessons

Starting at $279/ person

Take group kiteboard lessons to learn how to kiteboard safely - intro through advanced.

Private Kiteboarding Lesson

Private Kiteboarding Lessons

Starting at $175/ hour

Book private kiteboard lessons for one-on-one instruction with full boat support - intro through advanced.

Surfing Lesson

Surfing Lessons

Starting at $50/ person

Take surfing lessons to learn how to paddle, balance, standup, and surf on the best waves in the Gulf of Mexico

Flyboarding Lesson

Flyboarding Lessons

Starting at $199 Intro

Simply put Flyboarding is a personal water jet board.

Kite Landboard Lesson

Kite Landboarding Lessons

Starting at $99/ person

Take a kite landboard lesson to become proficient at kite flying and land boarding in combination on wide-open sand flats.

Wakeboarding Lesson

Wakeboarding Lessons

Starting at $125/ hour

Go wakeboarding or rent wake time behind our ski boats in the glassy Laguna Madre water.

SUP Lesson

Stand Up Paddleboarding Lessons

Starting at $50/ person

Schedule a SUP lesson to learn the basics of stand up paddle boarding in the Laguna Madre Bay.

Kitesurfing Lesson

Kitesurfing Lessons

Starting at $175/ hour

Take a kitesurfing lesson to advance in your wave riding, transitioning, and powered kite maneuvers in the ocean.

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